Madison Montessori School

Why Choose Madison Montessori?

We think our school is a very special place and we are honored to work with the children and parents who join our community. Our dedicated teachers are among our greatest assets and are here to foster a lifetime love of learning in all our students. You may like to read what some former and current students and families have said about our school to get a sense of us.

The calmness and warmth of the environment embraced us.

“For our beloved Madison Montessori School: As parents recently moved from overseas, and being brought up in families with the culture of putting education first in their list, we were worried and excited at the same time when we were looking for schools for our little daughter last year. She was the happiest child in the block although she barely knew English at that time. We wanted a safe, calm, caring and nurturing environment and we were even more obsessed with the details than any first-time-parent could be with their first child.

So looking into the schools in the area was an experience but Madison Montessori was quite a different experience. The moment that we set foot in the school, the calmness and warmth of the environment embraced us in a way that all of our worries about trusting new people in a new country vanished and replaced with a sense that our child can be as happy as she is and flourish in the most professional caring environment.”

MMS Parent Reyhaneh, Madison, NJ

Dedication to nurture each child’s unique abilities, both academically and socially.

“As a family coming from overseas, we were not very close with the education system in the US. When we moved to Chatham, I started to look into pre-schools in the area, and found Madison Montessori School online. After my first visit, I was immediately hooked by the tight community feeling and the teachers’ enthusiasm and dedication to nurture each child’s unique abilities, both academically and socially. Not to mention their many years of experience with the Montessori method! My son LOVED this school so much, that up until today I regret not having moved to the area earlier, for my older daughter to have the same experience.

I have to confess I had some concerns on how my son would eventually adjust to a larger first grade class in public school. However, two years down the road, I now see the results of those seeds planted by Madison Montessori School. Not only is my son striving academically, surpassing the reading benchmark for first grade and displaying a very strong performance in math, but he’s also displaying important life-long values such as compassion, collaboration and self-confidence. In his teacher’s words: “What a great helper your son was today! We have a new student who does not speak much English yet, and your son went above and beyond to make the day go smoothly for both myself and our new friend. I was so impressed and proud of how he acted!! It was such a special thing to see – he is truly a kind friend with a big heart.”

– Former Parent, Valeria

Jeff Flanagan, a 12th grader at Summit High School, said “Looking at the public school kindergartens, we did a lot more. And I loved the animals.”

Julie Flanagan, a freshman at Hamilton College, said about her MMS kindergarten year, “It was super fun but intellectually stimulating. I felt like the teachers really cared about us and enjoyed their jobs. And Genuine Art rocked.”

Best gift.

“This school is the best gift any parent can give to their child. I have never been more satisfied in my life the way I am after putting my daughter in MMS. GREAT school.”
— Hina Awais, Madison, NJ

Over the moon.

“We’ve had such an amazing first part of the school year. There is truly nothing better than seeing your child happy, excited about learning, and nurtured by her educators and sweet peers. We remain over the moon about MMS. We are ever grateful for all that you and your colleagues do every day.”

Jen and Scott Avers, Morris Township, NJ

A tiny gem.

“We were new to NJ when we walked into the Madison Montessori School, and it immediately said “yes!” to us (you know that feeling when you walk into a place and it feels just right? Well this was IT!). We have two children, both of whom went through MMS from preschool through Kindergarten, and it was the best experience possible for both. The head of the school has created a tiny gem of education; a school that doesn’t underestimate even the youngest children, but considers every child capable of contributing and learning great things. Mark my words: every other school experience will pale in comparison! ”

Hannele Duffield, Summit, NJ

A jewel.

“A jewel … we could not be fonder of our children’s school! A small, cozy, overseeable place where our children feel so loved and welcome – and at the same time, a great environment for learning and growing that nourishes their curiosity and stretches their horizon every day. MMS turned a huge transition for our older son (first year in school and in an English-speaking environment!) into such a smooth and happy experience. He is now in his third year and the most content, curious and confident Kindergartner we could hope for. At each interaction with the teachers, we just marvel at how well they know our children and how lovingly they work with their special interests and needs. Both our 3 and 6 year old love their school, teachers, classmates and work projects dearly and are devastated when they cannot attend school for even just a day. They learn and grow every day, working with those beautiful Montessori materials that make us wish we could use them, too!”

Ulrike Lege, Madison, NJ

Different than the rest.

“My husband and I visited a number of pre-schools when our oldest son was 2 years old. We felt lucky to be in an area where there are so many schools to choose from. The last school on our tour was MMS and upon walking down the stairs to the reception area and being there for a few minutes, we both turned to each other and said “this feels different.” Upon entering you already feel the warm, welcoming and positive environment and it only continues to get better from there with every interaction we or our children have with the committed and talented faculty there. We feel so lucky to have found it and so grateful that our children are able to have such a wonderful school experience. We are in our third year as MMS parents and couldn’t be more delighted that we have 4 more wonderful years with the school.”

Cathleen Lazor, Morristown, NJ

I love this school.

“When I started looking at pre-schools for my then turning-3-year-old, Madison Montessori gave me “that feeling” that every parent is looking for… A small, cozy, close-knit school where I felt like everyone (child & adult) had a smile. We enrolled my son, but then had to move internationally. As soon as we found out we were returning to the area, I called MMS to see if I could get both of my children a spot. They were absolutely amazing with the transition back to the US and starting a new school, as well as helping me decide whether to put my son into Kindergarten or give him an extra year of pre-school. I never felt pressured in either direction, and I cannot express how happy I’ve been with our decision! I was not originally looking for a Montessori school, I just happened to fall in love with one that was… and haven’t looked back. The teachers seem to truly love my children and nurture their needs and desires – in “daily life” and in education. And both of my kids love school!”

Kate Poole, Madison, NJ

The absolute best Montessori School.

“We found Madison Montessori School by luck. We had moved into town in August, and all the preschools were filled to capacity. But fortunately, a space opened up at MMS and we took it. Three children and nine years later, I count that single event as one of the luckiest in my entire life. Madison Montessori has not only provided my children with the highest quality education, but has instilled in them a confidence that they can do anything…socially, creatively, intellectually. I’m often told how lovely my three children are, which is so wonderful to hear as a parent. But I honestly can’t take the credit. A lot of who they are comes directly from their years at Madison Montessori!!! I recommend the school wholeheartedly to anyone and everyone!!”

Kathleen Scheier, Madison, NJ

The best preschool ever!

“There are not enough words to state how wonderful this school really is. My son, age 7, attended the preschool and last year graduated from the Kindergarten program. My daughter, age 4, is still there and will attend the Kindergarten program next year. She is very excited as she watched her brother go through and now many of her friends. The school has a unique program whereby the Kindergartners get to spend 1/2 their day in the ‘big’ classroom with the 3-5 year olds, where they learn to develop their caring and sharing skills. This is a very kind, caring and nurturing school where your children learn to love learning. There is not a single child or parent that comes into contact with the school and its staff that does not wish to remain a member for as long as possible.”

Janine Corteil, Morristown, NJ

What a wonderful school.

“Both my children have attended this school. My son, age 7, graduated from Kindergarten last year. My daughter, 4 years old, is in preschool and will attend the Kindergarten program next year. There are not enough words to describe the uniqueness of this school. It is warm, kind and nurturing and develops your child’s love for learning. It is wonderful for both children and parents alike, and there isn’t a single child or parent we have met that does not love this school. My children have learned so much here and constantly surprise me with their wealth of knowledge at such tender ages. I wish this school had been around when I was a preschooler!”

—Submitted by a parent

Great cozy school in Madison, NJ.

“The first thing you notice as you enter Madison Montessori is the art on the walks. Good art, by kids working with professional artists. Then you take in the warm, comfortable but stimulating atmosphere. Go into the classrooms and there is the quiet happy hum of kids working, collaboratively and independently. My children attended a very good pre-k, so our standards were high in shopping for a full-day kindergarten. MMS has met and surpassed all expectations. My son thrived last year as my daughter is this year, even though they have very different learning styles. This is a fun, nurturing place with excellent faculty and administration. There is an emphasis on the arts but their work in science, math and “life skills” is very impressive. What’s more, the kids, the parents and the staff are all very congenial.”

Rosemary McLaughlin, Boonton, NJ