Madison Montessori School

Alumni Profiles

Nick Temple 1983Nick Temple, Class of 1983

Nick Temple is CEO of Wild Card Creative Advertising based in Culver City, CA. His advertising company creates movie trailers for many Hollywood films including American Sniper, Lincoln, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Unbroken.





Jeffrey 1991-Jen 1995 Martin PipcornJeff Martin, Class of 1991 and Jen Martin, Class of 1995

Dynamic siblings, Jeff and Jen Martin, are founders of Pipsnacks and love working with each other every day. Their Pipcorn snack was highlighted on the TV show Shark Tank. Click here to meet Jeff and Jen in a special interview on Many Kitchens.




Roberto Andrade-3 generations

Roberto Andrade-3 generations

Roberto Andrade, Class of 1988

Roberto Andrade (center) and his wife, Chrissy, welcomed their new son, Alex, this month. Here Roberto is pictured with his father, Juan, and newborn son, Alex.







Megan ChristensenMegan Christensen, Class of 1999

Megan Christensen graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California with a degree in International Studies.





Erin Arnold Class of 1988Erin Arnold, Class of 1988

Erin accepted a faculty position in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco starting in July, where she will continue her research on improving care for children and adolescents with eating disorders.







Sara Fenstermacher, Class of 1992

Sara received her  Ph.D. in neuroscience from Harvard and became engaged to Dr. Bryan Chadwick.





Philip and Megan 306Megan Shand, Class of 1994

Megan has been accepted to the Masters Program at the Harvard Department of Statistics. She and her husband Phil were recently married.








Jennifer ManginJennifer Mangin, Class of 1997

What are you doing now?

I recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Photography and minors in Film and Sociology. Currently I am applying to more acting schools – hopefully, soon, I will be the next Jennifer Lawrence and you will all see me in films!!

Favorite MMS memory:

There are so many to choose from; I remember so much about my time there that I can’t believe I was only 5/6. I definitely loved the tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year. I remember that one year I got to be under the head of the dragon and I was so happy and excited. I also loved our circles before eating when we’d say “Bon Appétit, enjoy your meal!” Of course, learning the sunflower song and rushing to be first to the snack table are also great memories of mine. I vividly remember this spider web play area in the playground that all of us loved – sadly it’s gone now, but I’ll ALWAYS remember crawling on it. Finally, I remember the one year my class put on a play! We got to walk through this tunnel-like structure to the church and practice for long periods of time. I remember that I played a boy and I had a few lines (I even had to ask my Dad what a “cue” was as it described my cue in the script). That was my first taste of acting, and what a part! I got to play a different gender and wear my Dad’s big long-sleeved button down white shirt! I can’t actually remember what the play was about but I remember having an amazing time.

What about Madison Montessori has made a lasting impression in your life?

Just how nurtured I was there. I was encouraged to learn but it was never forced – it made learning so much more fun and I felt like I truly excelled there. I know I was little but I remember the caring environment extensively. Being able to dabble in art as well as other more academic areas such as math really helped me grow as a person and find out later in my teenage years who/what I wanted to be. My Mom still has artwork I created there hanging up in our kitchen and my Dad says that I was better at math under the teachings of Montessori school than I ever was after that. Being able to play and be social with all of the kids my age and then being taken into a quieter room to learn math, writing, and reading made me really appreciate school as a whole – it wasn’t just academics, socializing was a large part of the day as well. It taught me to get along with others, share, get to know people and above all always be polite whether you get along with someone or not. I always wished I could have attended a Montessori school until I graduated high school. Having big dreams like being an artist or an actress weren’t considered odd at Montessori, in fact they were very fleshed out, dabbled in everything; we truly learned that if we worked hard that nothing is too far out of our reach. I was so excited when I got to go back and visit this summer, it was amazing and it just speaks to how great the staff is there. Everyone remembered my name and they remembered my siblings as well. I got to look over old yearbooks and pictures, it felt like I had never left and I wish I never had to. I hope to come back again!

Message to Terry:

Thank you so much for being everything a teacher should be! Montessori was one of the best experiences of my life. Even though I was young I have such vivid memories of my time there that it’s crazy to think that I was still developing into a child. I have more memories of my kindergarten year there than I do of my years in first, second and third grade. It made such a lasting impression on me. I was so happy to see everything again this summer. I hope to go back again. I get misty eyed just thinking about Montessori! If I could go back to any time in my childhood I would choose my years at Montessori. Over the summer I started my education in acting and I’m now applying to another summer program and a two year conservatory. I’m really chasing my dream and if and when I make it you can be sure that I’ll talk all about how great Montessori is when I’m on David Letterman! I’ve attached my headshot so you guys can see how far I’ve come even from this summer!