Madison Montessori School


Annual Fund

“This is our mission: to cast a ray of light and pass it on to our children.”
–Dr. Maria Montessori

Dear Friends:

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The Montessori curriculum uniquely empowers each child by providing the foundation to excel academically based on his/her own initiative, to develop respect for self and others, and to value the world in which we live. Self-confidence, curiosity about the world, and a lifelong love of learning characterize the MMS graduate.

MMS is now in its 35th year, and the number of children who have been guided through their preschool years by the wonderful staff is amazing in itself. As your family must have lots of memories of MMS, I hope you will consider donating to this year’s Annual Fund. It remains the cornerstone of school funding, helps to offset some of the operating costs that are not covered by tuition, and is the only supplemental program for the school.

If you haven’t already done so, please visit our website and Facebook page which was made possible through the Annual Fund and continues to be supported by it.

Your gift to MMS is fully tax deductible and may possibly be matched by your employer or given through the United Way. All contributions are gratefully appreciated and will help MMS to continue to educate and serve the children and families within our community. Thank you kindly in advance for your generous contribution.


Kate Hunzinger, Chairperson

Annual Fund Committee 2015: Erin Feeley, Jen Jardim Hamilton, Kelly Ostberg, Nicole Robbins, Melissa Waterstredt