Madison Montessori School


Madison Montessori Schools is comprised of three classrooms, 12 dedicated teachers and three administrators. Our student body is capped at 66, although there are never more than 41 students present during one session. Our authentic Montessori curriculum is supplemented with Music, Creative Movement, Science, Yoga and Cooking. Students in the two-day class receive Music instruction while students in the three-day class work on coordination through Creative Movement. Students in the five day program participate in all of these. Kindergarteners study Drama which culminates in a year-end performance and is a definite confidence booster. All students, along with many parents and professional artists, participate in Genuine Art – as budding artists, collaborators, photographers and helpers.

Each year, after very careful consideration, we choose a country to study. We explore the country’s history, geography, culture and language. Our students and our staff share in the discovery of customs and traditions unique to this country. Sometimes we are fortunate to have students, parents or friends from our chosen country who make presentations, share recipes and lend artifacts which bring our study to life. Our country for the 2016-2017 school year is Chile.