Madison Montessori School


Kindergarten (6 hours)

The Madison Montessori kindergarten year is one of amazing growth, both academically and socially.  Five and six-year olds develop a shift in their thinking processes as they move from being ‘concrete’ learners to being able to think abstractly.  This shift allows them to more deeply understand concepts in Math, Science, and Language.  Montessori materials and teachers support the intellectual changes and challenges students experience during this time.

Our kindergarten is academic, creative, and social and provides excellent preparation for first grade.  Students spend three hours in the 3-6 room with an hour for lunch and two hours in the kindergarten classroom. Our students benefit from being part of a mixed age group with the added experience of a same age group, subtly preparing them for their next school.

Although the students choose work for themselves throughout the day, they are also expected to complete work in five areas of both classrooms by the end of the week.  This is another means to not only prepare them for the transition to first grade, but to also learn about time management and responsibility.

For some students, kindergarten is the culmination of their years at MMS.  For others, it is their first experience with us. Either way, the kindergarten year at Madison Montessori is a very special and memorable one, for students and parents alike.

Our kindergarten features a morning or afternoon program and is limited to eight students in each class with one teacher. Depending on availability students are enrolled in either the 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM class or the 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM class.  Kindergarten students from both classes enjoy lunch together.