Madison Montessori School

Why Choose MMS Kindergarten?

Choosing Madison Montessori kindergarten for your child is giving her/him a rare and priceless gift. The kindergarten year at Madison Montessori is a magical one.  Kindergarteners have a leadership role among the younger children and set an example for all to follow. The curriculum is carefully woven between the big classroom and the more intimate kindergarten room. The small class size enables a highly personalized experience and gives students the luxury of exploring and learning without feeling rushed or pushed.

Check out “Montessori Kindergarten: Empowering & Essential” by American Montessori Society on Vimeo. The video is available here for your viewing pleasure. 

Jeff Flanagan, a 10th grader at Summit High School, said “Looking at the public school kindergartens, we did a lot more. And I loved the animals.”

Julie Flanagan, an 11th grader at Kent Place School, said about her MMS kindergarten year, “It was super fun but intellectually stimulating. I felt like the teachers really cared about us and enjoyed their jobs. And Genuine Art rocked.”

The best preschool ever!

“There are not enough words to state how wonderful this school really is. My son, age 7, attended the preschool and last year graduated from the Kindergarten program. My daughter, age 4, is still there and will attend the Kindergarten program next year. She is very excited as she watched her brother go through and now many of her friends. The school has a unique program whereby the Kindergartners get to spend 1/2 their day in the ‘big’ classroom with the 3-5 year olds, where they learn to develop their caring and sharing skills. This is a very kind, caring and nurturing school where your children learn to love learning. There is not a single child or parent that comes into contact with the school and its staff that does not wish to remain a member for as long as possible.”

Janine Corteil in Morristown, NJ

Great cozy school in Madison, NJ

“The first thing you notice as you enter Madison Montessori is the art on the walls. Good art, by kids working with professional artists. Then you take in the warm, comfortable but stimulating atmosphere. Go into the classrooms and there is the quiet happy hum of kids working, collaboratively and independently. My children attended a very good pre-k, so our standards were high in shopping for a full-day kindergarten. MMS has met and surpassed all expectations. My son thrived last year as my daughter is this year, even though they have very different learning styles. This is a fun, nurturing place with excellent faculty and administration. There is an emphasis on the arts but their work in science, math and “life skills” is very impressive. What’s more, the kids, the parents and the staff are all very congenial.”

Rosemary McLaughlin, Boonton, NJ