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Genuine Artists 1We gratefully acknowledge and deeply appreciate any and all donations to the MMS Scholarship Fund as they help us assist current families make a Madison Montessori School education possible for their children.


From a recipient’s perspective:

Dear Terry and Kathy,

I am sitting in my kitchen with tears rolling down my cheeks because I am so overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of both of you and the Madison Montessori community. I just received a letter from you informing me of XXXX’s scholarship for kindergarten. Thank you so much for providing such an enormous scholarship for XXXX, whose life has been and will be forever enriched by the precious time she has spent at Madison Montessori.

Thank you for giving XXXX the opportunity to continue to embrace the fundamental principles that make Madison Montessori an extraordinary school: a deep and abiding love for learning, a quest for knowledge that springs from natural curiosity, which MMS nurtures in every aspect of its curriculum, a personal and intellectual willingness to explore, take intellectual risks and perhaps most significantly, to try again. Madison Montessori, with its amazingly talented, creative and committed teachers and staff, has steeped XXXX (and all its students) in an environment where compassion, respect, integrity and humility are not only valued, but woven into daily lessons and routines in a seamless, and at the same time, tangible manner. Madison Montessori has laid a foundation for learning and living that will always be a part of XXXX. For that I thank you.

Although simple words seem inadequate, they come from the bottom of my heart: thank you, thank you, thank you.