Wow! What a school year this has been so far! As a parent of three, I am more grateful than ever to Madison Montessori—made up of unbelievably dedicated educators—to safely get our children back to school five days a week. The whole world has been flipped on its head, yet our little gem of a school has remained a bastion of calm and quiet strength for our children.

Yes, things are different this year in-and-around Madison Montessori, and these differences occasionally get mentioned by the children, but mostly they don’t seem to notice or mind. The Montessori curriculum empowers each child by providing the foundation to excel academically, develop respect for themselves and others, and to value the world in which we live. 


MMS is still a community that fosters independence, self-esteem, integrity, and personal responsibility which is more critical now than ever before. More importantly to me, my daughter has a smile on her face when I drop her off and a smile when I pick her up. She tells stories of playground time, drama, map work, and snack time—none of which is being done as it has been in the past, but all still equally fulfilling and meaningful for the children.


Our Annual Fund campaign is the cornerstone of school funding and helps offset some of the operating costs that are not covered by tuition. This year's tuition alone cannot cover the operating expenses to run the school. The Annual Fund allows for new materials and books for our classrooms, updated equipment, and professional development opportunities for our staff. All of which directly impact your child's experience. This year the Annual Fund needs to cover so much more given the current situation of COVID-19.


Madison Montessori needs us now more than ever to make it through this storm. We hope that you will support the school by giving as generously as you possibly can. Just as MMS is there for our children at the time when we need them the most; our calling is to equally be there for the school when they need us most.


Every donation will be gratefully appreciated. As always, your gift is fully tax-deductible and may be matched by your employer or designated to MMS through the United Way.  Thank you in advance for all you are able to do in support of this very special school.




Kate Hunzinger, Annual Fund Chairperson